Our company develops architectural design, interior design


Foreign Project Adaptation


Our company ready to prepare foreign projects to rules of Ukrainian law and help in organizing building process.
Price is individual.
Interior design
Usualy project includes 4 steps:
  1. Collecting base and technical data
  2. Developing architectural plan, building 3d model and choosing building materials
  3. Execution project
  4. Control of building process.
Usually the price is different and depends of the size and difficulty of project. 
We make discounts for developing network projects
Detailed description of all steps:
1st Step Collecting base and technical data

Results of the 1st step:
  • Measures
  • Discussion about the style of design the client wants
2nd Step Developing architectural plan, building 3d model and choosing building materials

Results of the 2nd step:
  1. Architectural plan with furniture
    *To make this in restaurant we will need the plan of kitchen. 
  2.  3visualization
  3.  Recommendation what building materials to choose.
3rd StepExecution project
To make this step we will need ventilation project
If there are some special engineering systems in the space we work (such as auto fire fighting
Smoke exhaust system, audio system, alarms) we will need the projects of these systems.

Results of the 3rd step:
  1. Table of contents
  2. Measures
  3. Notes about the project 
  4. Plan with furniture with areas and names of the rooms and comments about the furniture
  5. Plan of the wall we make with dimensions and names of the rooms (if need with dismantling)
  6. Plan of the floor (with tiles)
  7. Plan of the ceiling (gypsum, grid, dimensions, total area of the grid)
  8. Plan of the ceiling with lamps and dimension of lamps
  9. Plan of the ceiling with lamps and ventilation openings (diffusers) and fire alarm and sprinklers, etc
  10. Plan that shows places of sockets and other wall and floor electricity.
  11. Drawings of the walls 
  12.  Plan that shows type of wall and ceiling coverings (# of paints, wallpaper)
  13. Facade
  14. Details – if need.
4th Step Control of building process